Osada Vidath

Hey, I am Osada Vidath Wave Emoji

A passionate full stack and mobile developer from Sri Lanka.

Hey! It's me, Osada. Welcome to my digital space. I am an enthusiastic full stack and mobile developer with a passion for coding. I've worked on numerous client projects and love participating in hackathons.

Here, you can explore the work I've done, read my blog posts, and learn about my journey. If you need a website or a mobile app, feel free to contact me via any social media platform.

My Projects

I've worked on a lot of client and side projects over the past few years. Here are a few that have been highlighted.

Wordable Project


Wordable is a clone of the popular game Wordle with more modern features like Web3 support and auto tweet.

Side Project
Hasotion Project


Hasotion is a platform to write your Hashnode blog posts without leaving Notion. Made using the Notion API and Hashnode API

Notion API
Hashnode API
Side Project
Next JS
Jaxon's League Project

Jaxon's League

Jaxon's League is an NFT project designed with the intention of bringing the sports community together in Web3. I coded their landing page and made it mobile responsive.

Landing Page
Client Project

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Coding Stats (From 2021)

2104 hrs 33 mins of Coding
1.3 million Lines of Code